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Intuitive, nurturing massage 

 Connecting and rebalancing the body & mind

Treating the 'whole' of you


Working holistically simply means to consider the whole of you and everything you bring to the session; physically, emotionally & mentally. 

At an emotional level massage provides a non-intrusive, nurturing touch which can help to soothe a busy mind and bring about a sense of calm. On a physical level it can relax tight muscles, increase circulation, improve joint mobility and support the body to function better.  At a deeper level, it can help to release deep rooted tension that can get stored in our body tissues. 

Each massage is tailored to you​

I see massage and bodywork as a partnership.  You let me know what you need and want to get out of the treatment and I will tailor the massage so it feels right for you.  

Whether your intention is to relax or perhaps you need focussed work on particularly tight areas, I work with sensitivity and awareness, drawing upon a range of techniques to meet what you need.







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