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How I work

Working holistically underpins my approach and therefore no two treatments are the same.  I have no set routine and I work with you to find out what you need on the day and adapt each treatment accordingly. I always warm the muscles up first using long, flowing strokes before working more deeply.  I often integrate techniques with my forearm and elbow to work skilfully & sensitively to apply more pressure if needed.  I vary the speed and depth of pressure and incorporate mobilisations, stretches and energy holds where appropriate.



Style of massage

I use and combine both styles of massage.

Relaxation massage

Long flowing strokes to warm and soothe the body as well as more focussed kneading and manipulation into specific muscles.  Speed and pressure are varied depending on your preference.


Deep Tissue

A combination of techniques including sustained pressure, working into knots and trigger points and gentle stretching to soften fascia, bring length back to tired muscles and reduce stiffness and pain.  

What to expect 

Please arrive in good time so that you get maximum time on the massage table

Before your first treatment, we will have an initial consultation which may take up to 10 mins.  This allows me to find out about you; your medical history and what you need from the massage. Subsequent appointments will not need as much consultation time and therefore more hands on time. 

After the consultation, I will leave the room for you to get undressed as far as you are comfortable with. Most people undress to their underwear. You will always be covered by a drape and I only uncover the areas that I'm working on, maintaining your privacy at all times. 

I want you to get the most out of your session so I always encourage you to give me feedback as I'm working.  I will check in with you as to how much pressure you want but don't feel embarrassed to tell me if something doesn't feel right.  You are welcome to talk during the session but remember to relax, breathe and take the time for yourself. 

At the end of the treatment, I will leave the room so you can get off the table in your own time and get changed. I always knock before coming back in. 

We'll discuss the treatment and how you feel and I may give you aftercare advice such as stretches.


I use an organic blend of almond, wheatgerm and sunflower oil, or coconut oil. Both are fragrance free and easily absorbed into the skin. For deep tissue work, I use Songbird Massage Wax.  Made from a mix of beeswax and natural oils, it provides a better grip and control for slower, more focused work. 

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