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What people say...
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''Becca has truly healing hands! I went to Becca with a very tired and sore body. As a performer I use my body a lot and was in need of energy rejuvenation plus some deep massage on my muscles. She has a strong touch and with her alluring energy and intuition , she gave the perfect massage. The room was beautifully calming and combined with the wonderful oils she uses, I came out a transformed woman. My energy was aligned, muscles restored and a feeling of cloud nine was with me for the rest of the day" Tilly, 33 

 “Some massages are good and some are excellent. For me the excellent ones happen when the masseuse is lucky enough to be able to combine their gained knowledge of how the body works with an intuition for healing and easing buried tension. Rebecca’s hands are made to listen and respond. I highly recommend her" Rachel, 26

"Massage with Becca is as much therapy for mind and spirit, as for body. Such a profoundly calming, relaxing and at the same time invigorating experience. But for me, above all else, the value derives from a deep sense of balance and harmony, given and received" Chris, 55

“I left my treatment with Becca transformed. She is truly gifted, highly intuitive, nurturing and connected. And such a gift to give oneself, healing on many levels. Magic hands!” Rose, 37

 "I have recently turned to massage to support my health at a particularly busy time and have found Becca's massages sort me out on lots of levels - bringing stillness and a deep sense of relaxation to my mind and body. Can't thank you enough Becca. I would definitely recommend her if you're looking for either proactive or remedial support for your body, mind and soul!" Amy, 31

"Becca possesses that wonderful winning combination of a thoroughly professional and experienced approach to her work with an innate sensitivity to a client’s needs which enables her to deliver a massage experience which is second to none. Whilst getting the job done properly, she is at the same time able to deliver total relaxation and calm. Truly one of the best experiences ever!!” Emmy, 60 

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